Haphazardly Implausible 

Peter Jones

 Scottish. Aged Nineteen. Light brown hair with bits of black. Green eyes. Short, lacking in wits, brilliant with military planning. A soldier, an Aeropilot from the Scottish Royal Air Force. 

Darcy Steed

 French. Aged Eighteen. Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Short, witty. An Air Pirate, second-in-command of the Black Beard airship.


 Italian. Aged Twenty-One. Blond, almost white hair, pale blue eyes. Bony, tall, awkward. A genus and inventor from the Research Institute of Italy. 

Isidore Thaddeus Reichmann:

 German. Aged Twenty. Black hair, blue eyes. Tall, gloomy. World famous detective who has solved many impossible cases. 

Jack O'Malley:

 British. Aged Fourteen. Long brown hair, hazel eyes. Short, delicate, feisty. Street urchin turned lady. 

Captain Shamus Steed: 

 French. Aged Twenty-Four. Dark brown hair, mustache, brown eyes, and eye patch. Tall, arrogant. Captain of the Zeppelin, Black Beard.  

 Anthony (Tony) Verne

 Russian. Aged Twenty-Three. Black hair, gray eyes. Broad, tall, loyal. A soldier and mechanic for the Scottish Royal Air Force Base.

Captain Sebastian Hogan: 

 Italian. Aged Forty-Four. White hair, blue eyes. Giant, fighter. Rebel and captain of the submarine, Bellamy.


 Scottish. Aged Thirty-Two. Brown hair, brown eyes. Short, selfless. Pilot of the Black Beard. Friend of the captain. 


 Doberman Pincher. Aged ?. Gray, gray eyes. Sleek, wise. Jack's pet dog.